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Construction is tough work and requires equally tough equipment to get the job done right.  Rugged laptops offer construction professionals the processing power they need for complex industry applications in a durable casing to protect your computer from common hazards found on construction sites, such extreme temperatures, water, and drops.

Rugged laptops and devices are designed for peak performance in demanding environments, offering high portability and enhanced visibility in direct sunlight compared with traditional devices made for indoor office settings.  Talk to a TKK Electronics representative today to learn more about our rugged equipment solutions for construction and choosing the right product for you.



Rugged and semi rugged devices offer lightweight, ergonomic designs with protection from drops and spills.


Laptop and mobile device screens offer high visibility outdoors without glare from sunlight.


Rugged devices offer the same powerful processing as their traditional counterparts for running critical applications to keep your project on schedule.

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