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TKK Electronics, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a specialist at rugged computer sales, service, consulting and supply. TKK Electronics is a Panasonic Authorized TP3 and MVTP3 reseller with integration certification, which means that TKK can provide and support the entire Panasonic rugged product line including the latest in vehicle evidence capture, the "Arbitrator 360".

Along with the Panasonic product line, TKK also resells other rugged computers and support products such as Dell, HP, Getac, Data911, Brother mobile printers, Gamber Johnson, Havis and Ram Vehicle Mounts.

TKK does not stop at rugged computers, with the technology and hardware needs that video evidence storage presents; TKK also provides a wide range of technology and IT solutions, consulting and integration capabilities in the area of computers, network storage, hardware, software and general IT needs.

We specialize in: Rugged Computers, Vehicle Docks & Mounts, Mobile Printers, Auto, Air & Marine Power Adapters, Mobile Broadband Data Solutions.

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