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  • Rugged Devices You Can Depend On

    Not all professonal work is done in an office building. Get technology that works where you do.
  • Budget Friendly IoT Technology

    Connect to your infrastructure reliably

  • Devices & Software That Ensure Safety & Security

    While allowing engagement and interaction.

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    Dell Rugged PCs

    World's most secure and manageable notebooks and tablets built to withstand the harshest environments.


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Industries We Serve

TKK provides technology products and IT consulting and integration services for partners in the following industries:

  • Fire & EMS

  • Law Enforcement

  • Education

  • Government


    Company News

    COVID-19 Resources

    COVID-19 Resources

    The coronavirus has caused a number of problems and TKK has solutions.

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    Industry Highlight

    Working Remotely

    Working Remotely

    Could COVID-19 cause permanent change to remote work and what are the benefits?

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    Featured Product

    IT Solutions

    IT Solutions

    Our IT distributors to make sure we have the crucial items in stock to keep you connected.

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    Featured Brands

    TKK Electronics offers a broad range of rugged devices and mobility solutions from industry leaders which include:

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