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Dell Rugged

Configure your Dell 5420 or Dell 7212 Rugged PC

Dell 5420 Rugged
Dell 7212 Rugged

TKK offers Dell rugged products because they are designed for the most demanding workplaces. Dell’s unique rugged solutions allow you to stay focused on your work in any environment. Built to withstand the most challenging conditions, Latitude Rugged offers world-class reliability thanks to innovative features and technologies.

  • Real-world durability — Dell goes above and beyond the standards to verify reliability in the real-world situations you face every day.
  • Go-anywhere productivity — Get your job done no matter what with stunning performance, reliable connectivity and outdoor-readable displays.
  • Business-class control — With all of the manageability and security you’ve come to expect from Dell, be confident you are in control of your technology.

Why Use Dell?

Exceptional Strength

Latitude Rugged products are designed from the ground up with high-performance materials for maximum durability and data protection. Ultra polymers with high-compression strength provide impact protection, while magnesium alloy provides a rigid backbone.

Always Readable

Direct-View outdoor-readable displays control reflectivity and reducing glare, rely less on backlight brightness, and conserve battery life. Direct-View displays help you stay productive in any environment including indoors and in low-light conditions.

Cool Under Pressure

QuadCool™, a fully-sealed fan-based thermal management system, keeps critical system components running cool while protecting them from dust and water ingress. Supplemental conductive cooling reduces fan use for quieter operation and longer battery life.

Sealed from the Elements

Latitude Rugged products are sealed from the elements to protect your important data. Compression gasketing at all potential points of ingress allows fully rugged notebooks and tablets to achieve an IP-65 level of protection from dust and water.

Who Uses Dell?

Latitude Rugged products are ideal for a wide variety of scenarios.

First responders such as Police, Fire and EMS rely on technology to keep up with the mobile nature of their work. This work demands performance and reliable wireless connectivity to transmit large amounts of data quickly and securely.

In industrial and manufacturing environments, computing solutions must be powerful enough to computer complex issues yet durable enough to withstand tough conditions, including extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and accidental drops.

Many of today’s workers in Construction need devices to be mobile, yet tough enough to handle rough usage in the elements. Latitude Rugged products are optimized for mobile use in a variety of field conditions.

Military and federal agencies rely on technology to help enforce national security even in the harshest of environments. Latitude Rugged products are independently tested by third-party facilities to military standards to validate durability.

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